Worried that holiday expenses will lead to foreclosure?

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Perhaps, like many Florida households, yours has been experiencing a financial crisis as 2019 nears its end. Personal economics often fluctuates throughout the year, with some months being more financially stable than others. Medical bills, change of income or even holiday expenditures can be catalysts that tip financial scales in the wrong direction, sometimes leading to serious legal situations, such as threat of foreclosure.

It is easier for a single episode of financial strain to spark an all-out crisis than one might think. Maybe you have fallen behind on mortgage payments because your family had an unexpected medical emergency and you’ve been trying to pay the bills associated with the incident. Perhaps, like so many others in this state and across the country, you resorted to using your credit card to make ends meet.

If your credit card balance has gone unpaid for several cycles, it is understandable that all issues combined have prompted a financial crisis that you may not know how to resolve. The good news is this: There are often options available to avoid foreclosure, and most financial crises are temporary. A key to restoring financial stability is knowing where to seek support.

Such situations are often highly stressful. You might be getting calls from collection agencies on a daily basis. Maybe you’re worried that you won’t be able to purchase gifts for you loved ones this Christmas. If you’re finances have gotten out of hand, you might feel like there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

You’re definitely not alone in your struggle. Many other Florida residents have faced foreclosure in the past but have been able to devise alternate payment plans or take other legal steps that have helped them retain ownership of their homes. In fact, many who have gone through similar circumstances now believe bankruptcy is a valuable financial tool that can not only help a person in crisis obtain immediate debt relief but may also give a debtor leverage to avoid foreclosure and lay the groundwork for a stronger financial future. Cuevas, Garcia & Torres, P.A., is an experienced legal team committed to providing strong support to those in need of debt relief guidance.


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