US immigration law: Man was detained when he fell, now can’t walk

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Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers say they do not believe a man who says he can no longer walk due an injury he suffered while in detention. The U.S. immigration law officials said they have evidence that a medical examination showed the man did not suffer any injury that would cause inability to walk. An attorney speaking on behalf of the man, however, has stated otherwise. Immigrants in Florida have also complained about unhealthy and unsafe living conditions in detention facilities. 

The attorney says her client is in a wheelchair due to loss of feeling in his legs. This was reportedly the result of a fall the man took while residing in a county jail under U.S. Marshals Service custody. The attorney also stated that she is seeking the man’s release based on a writ of habeas corpus. She also is trying to obtain an independent medical evaluation of her client. 

The man in question is seeking asylum from the U.S. government. He says he fears for his life because of information he provided authorities about a drug cartel. His attorney says she believes officials placed the wrong identification on her client, which may have led to him receiving the wrong medication. This, in turn, may have led to his fall, which resulted in severe injury. 

A medical scan following the incident reportedly showed that the man had bulging discs in his lower back. The man said he suffered several more falls after that, before being taken to a hospital and, at one point, was reduced to crawling because he could not walk and was unable to use the crutches officials had provided for him. This is not the only U.S. immigration law case where an immigrant has claimed to have received substandard medical care in detention. Any Florida immigrant concerned about such matters may request immediate legal representation for support. 


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