Polices affecting legal immigration challenged in court

On Behalf of | Aug 19, 2020 | U.s. Immigration Law |

Those in Florida who are navigating the immigration process know that it is quite challenging and frustrating at times. It can take years to make progress, and changes in the law make it even more difficult to move forward. Recent policies from the current presidential administration have negatively affected thousands of legal immigration cases, and these changes in regulation have recently been challenged in a lawsuit.

Earlier this year, there were two proclamations that affected thousands with temporary visas and ongoing immigration cases. One of these, issued in April, suspended almost all legal immigration into the United States. Several plaintiffs have come together to sue the administration over these two matters. They are seeking an injunction that will put an end to these two proclamations.

The reason given for this proclamation was the high rate of unemployment in the United States. There are concerns that if President Trump is reelected it will virtually stop all family and employment-based immigration for another four years. Opponents of the immigration bans state there is little economic evidence to support this move. The second presidential proclamation, issued in June, suspended the entry of foreign nationals on certain types of visas.

The plaintiffs’ challenge to these proclamations has moved forward in court, and it may succeed as a federal court considers the case. In the meantime, families and individuals in Florida will find it beneficial to seek experienced guidance with their legal immigration concerns. An evaluation of the individual case can determine what options may be available to move the case forward.


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