Adjustment of status issues for newlyweds

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Many Florida households include newlyweds. If someone who just got married also happens to be an immigrant, he or she may encounter challenges and stress while navigating the system to seek an adjustment of status. It is always a good idea to discuss the process ahead of time with someone who is well-versed in U.S. immigration law.

Beyond the excitement and joy of a wedding day, married couples naturally go through a period of adjustment, especially if they did not live together beforehand. When a spouse has emigrated from another country to marry a U.S. citizen, he or she may begin to feel overwhelmed or confused regarding all the legal changes that need to be made to reflect his or her new status as a married person. For instance, there may be financial documents, estate planning documents or tax information that needs to be updated to change a spouse’s name, to update a will or change an account to joint ownership.

If the immigrant spouse wishes to seek permanent residency or citizenship, he or she must also navigate the immigration application process to request an adjustment of status. Many U.S. citizen spouses sponsor their partners on their marriage-based visa applications. Any number of issues may arise to cause a delay or rejection of an application.

This is why it is always best for Florida immigrants to act alongside experienced legal representation when seeking an adjustment of status or updating documents and accounts as a post-marriage action. Serious complications may place an immigrant spouse’s status at risk, if the proper documents are not signed or legal steps are not taken to accomplish the status goals one has in mind. An attorney experienced in U.S. immigration law can remain on hand to address any concerning issue that arises.


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