Adjustment of status reliefs halt deportation

On Behalf of | Oct 16, 2020 | Adjustment Of Status |

Many Florida immigrants encounter challenges related to their legal statuses. An adjustment of status can be complex, lengthy process. However, any number of issues might prompt a person to apply for such an adjustment. One such issue would be if he or she were at risk for removal and a status adjustment might provide relief to help avoid deportation.

For instance, if the immigration court is conducting removal proceedings and the person at risk can prove that he or she would be in danger upon returning to his or her country of origin, the court might grant discretionary relief by allowing him or her to request asylum. The applicant must prove that he or she qualifies as a refugee. Asylum is an adjustment of status that protects a person against removal.

Many people qualify for visas that allow status adjustments. Often, a spouse, other family member or an employer will petition the court on behalf of an applicant. It is possible for an issue to arise that would create ineligibility, making it impossible for an immigrant to request an adjustment of status.

One issue that would impede a Florida immigrant’s ability to obtain an adjustment of statuswould be facing criminal charges. Another problematic issue would be failing to leave the United States after the court granted permission for voluntary departure. No matter what type of issue is causing a legal problem, an experienced U.S. immigration law attorney is able to provide strong support and help determine a best course of action in a specific set of circumstances.


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