Military veteran in real estate dispute with landlord

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A man who served in the U.S. Marine Corps is currently facing legal problems, which, he says, he could never have imagined would occur. As a resident of Palm Beach, problems arose when his landlord claimed he owed her $1,200 in back rent, thus prompting her to issue an eviction notice. The events that have unfolded in connection with this issue have sparked contention between the two parties as well as litigation.  

In July of this year, the tenant’s water was shut off, presumably by the landlord. For nearly two weeks, the U.S. military veteran had to rely on a neighbor who was sharing buckets of water so that he could maintain personal hygiene and cook food. The tenant has stated that his rental agreement specifies that the landlord is responsible for paying the water bill.  

Palm Beach County code enforcement officer ordered water back on 

The man’s water has since been turned back on, following an order from a Palm Beach County code enforcement officer. The landlord was cited for a violation of the county’s property maintenance code. However, the dispute between the tenant and the landlord is far from over at this time.  

Tenant claims that back rent claims are unfounded 

The tenant has stated that he believes the landlord’s claims that he owes her $1,200 in rent are without merit. In fact, he says that a housing assistance program has been paying $588 per month to help him meet rental expenses. In the tenant’s words, the landlord has been “putting him through the wringer,” and he will further address the matter in court during the eviction hearing that is scheduled for the end of August. Any Florida tenant facing similar problems may reach for additional support, as well.  


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