Deportation takes a toll on immigrant families

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Emigrating from another country to the United States is not without its challenges. No two journeys are the same and some are undertaken in dire circumstances. Among the millions of people who have entered the U.S. in the past three decades, one of the biggest challenges has been encountered by those who are at risk for deportation, not only for an individual but for his or her entire family, as well.  

Any number of issues can place someone at risk for deportation. It is always best to be as informed as possible about such issues before seeking to immigrate to this country. However, it is not uncommon for unforeseen circumstances to arise, and it is important for immigrants and their families to know where to seek support.  

Those who fear persecution may be particularly worried about deportation 

Deportation can cause emotional trauma for anyone. However, it is especially stressful for those who fear persecution or fear for their lives if they are sent back to their country of origin. If only one person in a family is deported, it can cause extreme emotional distress for those who remain in the United States.  

Deportation can also have adverse effects on communities 

In addition to an immigrant’s own family members, being at risk for deportation can negatively affect a person’s friends and neighbors. Many immigrants settle in communities where most of their neighbors are also from other countries. When one person is deported, others may become worried that they or someone they love may face the same fate. But being at risk for deportation does not necessarily mean that it will happen. Seeking legal counsel right away is the best means of protecting one’s rights and obtaining the most positive outcome possible. 


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