Worried about an immigration interview?

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Sometimes, a person wants to come to Florida or elsewhere in the United States from another country of origin, often to attend school, to work and/or to get married. Part of the process could include attending an immigration visa interview. This can spark legal complications for some applicants.

It is helpful to learn about the immigration interview process ahead of time. Immigration officials ask numerous questions, the answers to which could impede or block the applicant’s ability to obtain the visa. It is also good to know to where to seek legal support if a problem arises.

Questions officials might ask in an immigration visa interview

Here are some of the most common issues addressed at an immigration interview:

  • An official might ask whether the applicant has adequate means to support his or her stay in the United States.
  • If the visa is for employment purposes, there may be questions about the job or employer.
  • A foreign-born fiancé will be asked questions about the relationship, such as how long the couple has been together, where they met and other personal questions.
  • An applicant might be asked who will be taking care of his or her children and property (if relevant) while he or she is in the United States.

There are many other questions that may be relevant to an immigration interview, such as how long the petitioner will be staying and what living arrangements have been planned.

Don’t lie

 A key factor to achieving one’s goal of obtaining a visa is to answer all questions with honestly and forthrightly. Officials often discover false information that an applicant might give, and that can cause serious legal problems. An experienced immigration attorney in Florida can provide support throughout the visa application process.


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