Can an HOA tell you where to park your truck?

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Many people are getting ready to move to Florida or relocate within the state. There are numerous housing options to choose from, some of which include communities that have a lot of amenities to offer their members. When considering joining a community that is run by a Homeowners Association (HOA), potential homeowners will want to make sure they understand all rules and restrictions that apply. Lack of understanding often leads to real estate disputes.

Parking is a priority issue that often sparks disagreements between homeowners and HOA officials. Never sign an HOA agreement that does not specifically list all parking policies in detail. Also, never sign a contract before carefully reading it through and understanding its terms, preferably with the assistance of an attorney.

Check whether HOA parking restrictions include vehicle type

Problems sometimes occur when people move to an HOA community in Florida and encounter problems when parking a truck or RV in their driveway. If they signed the agreement without carefully reviewing it, they might be surprised to learn that there are restrictions regarding certain types of vehicles under the contract’s parking policies. Most HOAs consider neighborhood aesthetics a top priority, which is why they include parking restrictions in their contracts.

Additional parking issues may cause real estate disputes

Besides vehicle types, other issues may come into play when a homeowner and HOA officials disagree about parking. For example, location, time allotments and number of vehicles may be relevant to a particular dispute. Anyone concerned about parking issues or another real estate dispute may seek counsel by scheduling a meeting with a real estate attorney who has experience dealing with HOAs.


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