Florida ranks high on lists for HOA complaints

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Many Florida communities have rules and regulations regarding issues such as parking, guest parking, monthly dues, maintenance and more. When homeowners or their guests encounter legal issues with a Homeowners Association, litigation may be necessary to help resolve the problem. When living in a community that is governed by an HOA, it’s imperative to read the fine print of the agreement, preferably before signing anything.

If, for instance, a homeowner parks a large truck in a driveway and winds up incurring a fine, he or she must know what the HOA rules state about such issues. Signing without thoroughly reviewing the document might cause a homeowner to overlook parking restrictions. In such a case, substantial fines may be issued for which the homeowner who violated HOA rules would be responsible.

California and Florida have something in common regarding HOA complaints

While Florida and California are on opposite coasts, these two states have something in common. California ranks number one in the country for HOA complaints, and Florida follows behind as a close second. In both states, parking citations are the top issue sparking disputes between homeowners and HOAs.

Lawn care, repairs and maintenance and fencing violations are additional issues that are often a central focus of HOA disputes. A Florida real estate attorney can provide guidance and support to any person facing legal problems regarding HOA issues. A key to avoiding citations and fines is to be fully aware of all policies, restrictions and rules in a community and to know where to seek support if a dispute arises.


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