Taking steps to protect against scope creep in construction

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The planning stages of a new construction project can be a stressful time, as there could be a multitude of essential factors to address prior to initiating operations. Defining the scope of a project is just one type of step that could be vital to protecting your interests and helping project tasks run as smoothly as possible, but do things always turn out as planned? 

Change is something that remains a constant on many project sites, and while it may be inevitable at times, it can still place a strain on the parties involved. Issues with scope creep can arise under various scenarios, and finding ways to protect against such issues may be integral to protecting your company and staving off disputes. 

Reducing the risks 

Scope creep remains a prevalent source of strain on Florida construction project sites. Part of preparing to reduce the risk of scope creep could involve knowing some of the most prevalent causes of similar issues, such as: 

  • Vague language: Using vague language when defining the scope of a project could prompt a variety of risks, and experts indicate that similar issues remain a leading cause of scope creep. 
  • Project length: The risk of scope creep may also be greater the longer a project remains underway, and finding ways to address similar possibilities could be vital to protecting company interests. 
  • Poor management: Issues with scope creep could also stem from poor project management or lack of effective scheduling practices. Improving these aspects may be vital to mitigating risks. 
  • Poor communication: Scope creep could also arise due to a lack of communication, and similar issues continue to be a common source of conflict and disputes on construction project sites. 

Sometimes issues with scope creep may also arise when a client makes frequent requests for changes in the project scope, and facing such issues can be exceedingly stressful to manage. 

Mitigating scope creep risks 

While scope creep remains a common concern in the construction industry, there may still be steps you can take to reduce the risk involved. Creating strategies for addressing topics such as project scope could help you mitigate a variety of potential risks by taking a thorough approach to each new project. Since it might not always be possible to prevent such issues, developing effective strategies could also help place you in a better position to protect your company’s well-being and interests should similar types of construction disputes arise. 


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