Possible causes of breach of contract disputes in construction

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There may be a multitude of scenarios in which conflict may arise on the site of a Florida construction project. While being thorough with a project’s contract could be vital to mitigating potential risks and protecting your company’s interests, what happens if another party fails to adhere to the terms of this agreement? 

Breach of contract is a type of issue that continues to be a leading cause of construction disputes. Allegations of contract breaches can arise under various situations. Addressing some of the most common causes of such disputes may help you prepare to take the proper steps to protect against such issues. 

Possible causes of contract disputes 

Should one party fail to adhere to the terms of a construction project, the fallout could impact all parties involved. Some possible causes of breach of contract claims in this industry might include: 

  • Project deviations: Allegations of breach of contract could arise when one party fails to adhere to project plans. Use of low-quality materials and project deviations are issues that may prompt similar disputes. 
  • Unexpected delays: Lack of effective scheduling and planning could impact a project in various ways. The presence of such issues could lead to costly delays that may trigger intense conflict. 
  • Financial conflict: Financial conflict also continues to be a leading cause of contract disputes. Payment disputes can be complex matters that could have a devastating impact on all parties involved. 
  • Performance concerns: Breach of contract claims may also arise when one party involved in a construction project exhibits poor performance, and similar issues could affect the integrity of the entire operation. 

Even if you choose to adhere to the terms of a construction contract, if another party fails to take the same approach, the outcome could still place your company’s interests at risk. 

Facing construction disputes 

Any type of contact breach could lead to intense construction contract disputes, and facing such a situation can be a stressful and intimidating process. When similar issues arise, it might be in your best interests to consider seeking advice on your available legal avenues and the best path to take to address the situation. This could play a vital role in helping you prepare to make informed decisions while developing a thorough strategy with which to safeguard the future of your business endeavors.  


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