What to do and what to avoid at an immigration interview

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Whether seeking an adjustment of status or facing removal proceedings, a person will want to make as positive an impression as possible when meeting with immigration representatives in Florida or elsewhere. If the individual received a notice to appear at an interview, there are several helpful tips to keep in mind. Here are some helpful tips about attending an immigration interview.  

There are also certain things that should be avoided, as they could not only make a bad impression but could also create legal issues. The goal is to be as prepared as possible to make informed decisions, answer questions in a respectful manner and increase the chances of accomplishing immigration goals, whether it is to advance a petition or avoid deportation.  

Things to avoid at an immigration interview 

One thing an individual should never do at an immigration interview is argue, either with family members or a government official. Consider the interview room a formal setting and act as if it were a courtroom. If feelings of frustration arise about something that is happening, try to remain calm and seek an explanation, but do not argue. It’s also a bad idea to joke around or make light of the proceedings. Finally, do not try to fool the interviewer by lying or making up an answer to a question.  

Things a person should do at a Florida immigration interview include bringing all pertinent documentation, such as immigration paperwork, employment records and a marriage license, if applicable. Dress appropriately and act respectfully at all times, including being silent while the interviewer is speaking. If the answer to a question is not known, it is best to admit this to the interviewer. It is also a good idea to seek legal support before attending an interview or to request support if legal complications arise during the meeting.  


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