When real estate law and criminal law intersect

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A woman’s son recently told Florida investigators about an incident that took place between his mother and her neighbor. It was reportedly not the first time the two women had argued. Real estate law, and more specifically, the property line between the two women’s homes, is the central focus of their dispute.

The property line dispute sparked a criminal investigation when police were called to the scene and discovered that one of the women was injured. The woman’s son told police that her neighbor had pushed her, then struck her with a hammer as the two argued over a property line. The other woman had been using the hammer to pound stakes into the ground to install a fence.

One woman accuses the other lying regarding the real estate law dispute

The neighbor says accounts of the woman and her son of what transpired are untrue. She said the neighbor is one who pushed her first, not the other way around. She also told police that she believes the woman’s injuries occurred while working in her own yard and that she never struck her with the hammer.

Florida real estate law includes statutes that govern property line issues. When a pair of neighbors disagree as to where one property ends and another begins, a property survey can help resolve the issue. It is best, of course, to exercise available legal options to settle a property dispute rather than engage in confrontation with a neighbor, which, as made evident by this case, can make matters worse.


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