Immigration center denies entrance to investigators

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In Florida and throughout the country, many individuals have filed complaints regarding mistreatment in detention centers. Such complaints often cite issues like inhumane living conditions, denied medical care, neglected hygiene needs and substandard food quality. Inspection officials recently visited an immigration detention center in another state but were denied entry by the guards.

The inspectors were from the state’s health and workplace department. They attempted access to the facility under U.S. House Bill 1470. Residents at this facility have engaged in numerous protests in recent years by staging hunger strikes. The residents have done so to raise awareness of alleged mistreatment. This department has received more than 300 complaints regarding substandard living conditions and mistreatment at the facility.

The facility is a for-profit immigration detention center

A group that oversees operations at the for-profit immigration detention center in Washington told reporters that Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials ordered them to deny entry to the state inspectors. The state officials are said to have claimed that “litigation” was the reason for the denial. However, representatives from the state’s Department of Health said litigation does not exempt the facility from state laws.

There may be residents in Florida immigration detention centers facing similar problems. If so, they may seek support by requesting assistance from an immigration law attorney. Such an attorney can help an individual or group of individuals protect their right to a safe environment and provision of basic needs, including food, shelter, clothing and medical care.


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